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92131 Magazine: Sharing a vision for giving back

I was honored to have the story in 92131 Magazine about my wife & I and our organization, Charity for Hope.

Original post here: http://92131magazine.com/2016/03/20/vipul-and-reena-dayal-share-a-vision-for-giving-back/

Vipul & Reena Dayal Share their Vision for Giving Back
Vipul & Reena Dayal Share their Vision for Giving Back

Scripps Ranch residents Vipul and Reena Dayal have always loved giving back to the community, but four years ago they found a new, deeply personal vision. “Reena’s father, Navin Patel, passed away from cancer four years ago,” shared Vipul. “He began Charity for Hope before he passed away, and no one in the family had prior knowledge of the nonprofit. When we found out, we knew we had to continue with what he had already started.”

Charity for Hope collects and distributes financial aid, food supplies, medical equipment, and other needed donations through existing nonprofits, from orphanages and educational funds to hospitals and disaster relief foundations. Recently, Vipul and Reena hosted the Bollywood Charity Event to raise money for their Hope for Nepal campaign. The event raised $59,000 towards the campaign, which has raised over $74,000 in total to help victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. “People were left with no homes and living on the street,” said Reena. “The money we donated assisted in the building of 160 homes.”

They’re grateful for their own home in Scripps Ranch. “I am a San Francisco girl, born and raised,” shared Reena. After completing her undergraduate studies at San Jose State University, she began a Master’s program at University of San Diego. “My husband was attending law school in San Diego as well, and we both fell in love with the city. We decided to settle here and build our life together in San Diego.” Vipul was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Dallas, TX. Before law school, he earned his undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas. “I have lived here for the last 15 years and still love it as much as the day I moved here,” he said.

They work together in the hospitality industry too, operating family-owned hotels and their rental management business. Life at home is just as busy. Vipul and Reena have two daughters – seven-year-old Nyah and two-year-old Navya – and one son – five-year-old Kayden. “Navya is named after my father, Navin, whose vision is what began Charity for Hope,” said Reena. She and Vipul look forward to continuing Navin’s legacy of hope.

Name: Vipul Dayal Profession: Self-employed in the hospitality industry Community: Scripps Ranch since 2005 Hobbies: Spending time with my family, sports, charity work

Name: Reena Dayal Profession: Teacher with a Master’s degree in Curriculum Design Community: Scripps Ranch since 2005 Hobbies: Cooking, spending time with my kids, blogging at www.chaimommas.com, and charity work

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