The Serial Go Givers Community


Thanks for deciding to join our community of positive & like-minded individuals.  It's my goal to make sure we are the change for our generation - that includes sharing resources, knowledge, wisdom - and of course a space to champion each other!

The group constitution is really just our rules and how we roll.  

It starts with a framework for us to self promote - not overpromote and lists the ways we can be better together.  

Thanks for your trust - and more importantly I look forward to connecting constantly with all of you!

Group Constitution

  • 01/


    To share, learn, and grow personally and professionally as individuals and together as a group. To hold each member accountable to his/her individual commitments as an ambassador, individual, business owner, and values of

    • Trust and Respect

    • Empowering our local, regional, & national communities

    • Empowering each other

  • 02/

    Group Structure

    Quarterly meetings will be scheduled as google hangouts/web-based and will not require physical onsite presence. Group will be polled to have the most ideal time.  Meeting duration is aprx 45 minutes.

    • Each week we’ll ask a member of the group to share an experience, thought, tool or tip that has helped them in their business

  • 03/


    Each member of the Serial Go Givers Group is responsible for his/her own experience.  We are here to create value and opportunity for each other.

    • Be willing to be the first to share.

    • Be proactive when you have a problem.

    • Offer potential solutions to problems

    • Remember, feelings aren’t facts, conflicts should be handled swiftly and firmly- no bs.

  • 04/


    Learning Days will be held for all members to share a unique skill or service they use with their clients. 

    The goal is to share information and resources that work, have been proven, or may serve of interest to the group.


I'm in and I agree- Let's do this!

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